This is a flooded road and like many Thais I occasionally drive though conditions like this in Thailand. The easiest way to go would be to be sailed or flown into PLI, dropped off, follow the trail up to the lake, navigate through the ridge then hike down Clenn(sp?) Cue an exhilarating rafting trip. Peaches and Creme Falls – at 10 kms turn left onto the G-Main, and continue for aprox 2.5 km. It would not be unusual for some roads to be for 70 miles or further and provide access into true wilderness areas. ( Log Out /  Best Fishing Times Fraser River System Squamish River System. The Elaho river is an ideal day trip if you are wanting to combine some heart pounding fun on the river, with stunning west coast scenery. Varton would probably have thrown his rucksack and sleeping bag out and said ‘Keep going Michael’ but then again despite his nacho appearance Varton has a kind heart so probably not but in retrospect it would not have been a good combination! The Elaho is a very sleek looking boat, and with its graceful lines and pronounced bow and stern rocker begins to approach the look and feel of a fiberglass boat. Whether you’re baitcasting, fly fishing or … Elaho River British Columbia Canada. Squamish River FSR goes straight ahead, and Elaho River Road (Squamish River FSR E-Main) is to the left across this bridge. Facilities:Tables, Toilets Site Operator:SQUAMISH NATION UTS’AM/WITNESS SOCIETY Site Description:This site was upgraded in 2009 with 9 new tent pads, tables, fire rings and 2 outouses.Beautiful new site beside the Squamish River… We followed the Squamish River Valley as we drove north from Squamish with the Tantulus mountains in the background. Pull on your safety gear and paddle through the Elaho River’s class III and IV rapids with your guide. There’s a reason that no one else is here’. Experience an amazing Whistler river adventure on the Green, Cheakamus or Elaho … I was fairly sure that Pete, a similar age to myself (late 60s) would be a good fit and personable companion. You'll be camping on a river-side island somewhere on the Elaho/Squamish river. Feel the devastation caused by the wildfire. In retrospect this was the first sign that perhaps Peter was not totally comfortable about heading off into back country BC. What would happen if he did not like the pasta I cooked for dinner tonight? Say goodbye to your new friends from there and enjoy professional photos taken throughout the day. The bad news is the risk of meeting a fully laden forestry truck hurtling along the road at 40 mph or more. The first was to leave his sleeping bag and pack at the side of the road and carry on as planned leaving him alone in bear country 35 miles from the nearest settlement. We had previously checked it out but initially thought it was not the correct road. Next time you visit Canada and want to explore some mild 4wd back roads, I’d love to tag along in my own vehicle if you’re privy! Smiles are plastered on our faces as we hit a wave head-on along the Elaho River in Squamish. If we are meant to be here there would be no tourists. "Elaho River Adventures is a member in good standing of the BC River Outfitters Association (BCROA)," Moir wrote. When forestry companies were given decades long licences to log or harvest or clearcut within huge designated areas the forestry companies would put in access roads to get equipment in and timber out. The river tributary was only yards away and whilst there was a flat but stony area around the table I thought we could fit the two tents I had brought in on a small flat grassy  elevated area on the way to the nearby waterfalls and got the tent outs. G-Main Bridge Across Elaho River British Columbia Canada. Straight down the Elaho and Squamish river valleys. - See 928 traveler reviews, 116 candid photos, and great deals for Whistler, Canada, at Tripadvisor. This landslip did not impact on the road. They did say that once when they were heading for Clendinning one of the vehicles in their group had been driving at around 40 mph because the road had lulled them into a false sense of security, hit a gully and broke an axle. After filling up on lunch, you will hop back in the rafts and continue your adventure down the mighty Elaho river. The road has often been blasted out of the rockside and follows the Howe Sound with tremendous views over Anvil Island towards Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast. White Water Rafting in Squamish: A Trip Down the Mighty Elaho River By Emanuel Smedbøl and Megan McLellan June 6, 2016 Only an hour north of Vancouver, Squamish is one … Interestingly nearby was an abandoned logging camp with complete structures for processing timber, huts and loading bays as well as some machinery including crane just left abandoned in the forest. Rafts on the bank of the Elaho River, Squamish BC. And in 2002 we bought the house and it has been our much loved Canadian base ever since to the point I would like to make it our main family home whereas Sharron is the great fan of living in the UK within our family and considers England her home (which it has been for 37 years) and base. Anyway I have pretty much decided that as long as I am able there are so many spectacular hikes I want to undertake and repeat in the Alps that whilst I am able June to September is ‘blocked off’ for Switzerland and the Alps. When I got back to the Jeep I realised that Pete was probably well out of his comfort zone and all the signs were there in retrospect from his initial concern about using a forestry road, comments about the Loggers, Natives and not being welcomed, the boulder on the road and then a delayed lunch with his only refreshments three beers on an empty stomach as we drove along. Elaho River heads The Elaho River flows between ice cliffs as out of a canyon. We passed by Porteau Cove Provincial Park right on the shores of the Howe Sound (too popular, too noisy with road traffic), the restored BC Mining Museum and the Squamish Chief Rock Face where I have often pulled off the road to watch climbers make their way up what is considered to be the biggest single rock in North America and the most popular climbing wall in North America after Yosemite. When I dropped him off at Horseshoe Bay he commented with a sheepish grin: ‘Thanks for the trip and I am sorry about our tiff’. At 96 km keep left at 'E-1000/E-Main' fork to continue on E-1000. Whether you are camping with the family or on a day trip with your friends, the Squamish River and its tributaries provide easy access and year-round fish.. June 27 – 29 2019, 56 A Short walk across the Burmese Border Ban Rak Thai, Mai Hong Son Province, Thailand – March 31 2019, 55 Return to Annapurna. When I set out the following morning the snow is quite hard, but a pair of these light crampons used by runners and hikers on icy suburban trails works fine to help me get down to the glacier below my camp. We initially missed the bridge turning up the Elaho Valley and continued on the road to the right of the Squamish River. BC Ferries River Levels Sunrise/Sunset Tides Weather. Just south of Sundown Cr. I never get enough of this view, today I found a trail leading to a small ledge where one had an even better view of the river far below. A stream had been diverted and was flowing along the foresty road but this was not a problem . The six month extravaganza turned into a six-year adventure spanning 22 countries and all of the continents. Just once in almost 30 years has one of our vehicles stalled and been abandoned. ‘I don’t fancy camping on the gravel at the side of a forestry road with no views’. I’ve been looking for this memorial for about a decade, and everyone’s directions have led to to different places. There are also views up the fjord to Mt Garibaldi and the Black Tusk. Photo: Canadian Outback Rafting . Dry bags to keep all your clothes and personal items secure and dry. The drive up the river will take just under an hour for the Elaho and 20 minutes for the Cheakamus.At the “put in” point, the trip leader will present a safety talk, explaining everything you need to know about rafting and how to stay safe during your trip. Interestingly enough there was meant to be a dead end forestry road up the south side of the main Elaho River but a bridge carrying it was no longer and a culvert/drain pipe was lying on the bank of the river. Most people drive along a Forestry Road, park and hike up 500 metres/1700 ft but we discovered there was a rough forestry road that cut out the climb and went to within 100 metres of the Meadows. Before going camping if I have not used the tents for a while I usually prefer to erect them to make sure nothing is missing and I am reminded how they fit but on this occasion I had not had the time and had used both tents the previous September with our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend James. On the one hand it can mean driving to a heavily populated camp site with toilets and washing facilities and staying put for a few days in the company of many others or it could mean driving to a remote Provincial Park or Recreation area with designated camping areas where you may or may not find other like minded individuals who prefer the solitude that these remote wilderness areas normally bring. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Some of these perhaps just a few miles long whilst an area is being logged and others for greater distances and in turn with a network of subsidiary roads. COVID-19 TIPS and Updated Travel Announcements, Rafts on the bank of the Elaho River, Squamish BC. 36 A Camp Too Far – The Elaho Valley, BC, Canada – August 22 2016, 58 The Höhbalmen Route, Zermatt, Switzerland – A Photographic Essay. Elaho Mountain is the highest peak along the 25 km long Infinity Icefield, which lies along the divide between Clendenning Creek and the Toba River. (Native North American Indians to the rest of the world). This half-day tour is suitable for all ages and is especially memorable for anyone interested in photography, wildlife, or bird watching. I have been coming to Vancouver since 1978 and have done a lot of camping and hiking but I had not even heard of Clendinning Park which appeared to combine the advantages of proximity to Vancouver (120 miles or so) with a fairly remote location and low visitor numbers. The gravel road was in good condition with no other vehicles around and after about 30 minutes there was a junction with a road going to the left over a the bridge. It was at this exact point that Pete abandoned ship! There’s garbage facilities, but no bathrooms or other amenities. I had first met Pete three years ago when I had chartered a motor yacht for a week’s cruising in the Desolation Sound area of British Colombia and he had been ‘supplied’ to us by the Charter company as a personable skipper. The Ford tailed by a thick dust cloud. I am very conscious that although I have close connections to Beautiful British Colombia in Canada I have never written an article that has given me the opportunities to extol the virtues of both Vancouver as a city and BC as almost certainly the most scenically attractive part of North America. is the Elaho Giant trail. Please join us for 4 days at the Sunwolf cabins and campground in the BC wilderness as we celebrate with loved ones, drinks, food, and adventure. display in gallery. It is a spectacular highway but also a high volume route that has a lot of accidents and it is easy to surmise why as so many drivers are distracted by the spectacular scenery. Do I spend summers in Switzerland amidst the mountains I love and where I feel I truly belong and feel at home or in Vancouver with a myriad of attractions both cultural and outdoors which includes wilderness camping and hiking? The second choice was to drive on through the surface water until I could find a place to turn and then come back for him but I was concerned that if he saw or heard me going on he would be thinking I was abandoning him so I should really be telling him what I was doing. The facing  mountain has been partially logged and the Forestry Roads crossing the cleared slopes now  provide easy if rough access into high and remote areas. This road leads to Elaho Main, and G Main (as indicated on the sign on the right side of the road). Check the tyres to see it was just surface water with no depth. Note how the 2015 Forest Fire has devastated the distant tree cover. Day 1: Elaho Trail Head to Last Chance Camp Hmmm, "Last Chance Camp" sounds a little ominous as the first heading on this site. You can enjoy world class views, in between the river’s … We began by climbing up to the Buck-Zig Zag Col and finished by skiing from Porterhouse Peak down to the Ashlu Raod which we skied along back to our car. Sorry for your loss Katrina. Our journey began with a not-so-early departure from North Vancouver at 9:00 am. Thanks for providing some insight. Vans will be departing early from Vancouver to take everyone up to Squamish. Take an exhilarating ride in a magestic setting of towering glaciers, rainbow falls and rushing whitewater where the waves of the Elaho collide with the Squamish river . You are not going on?’ said Pete. I had brought a couple of head torches, two gas lanterns and a solar panned tent lamp which was a Christmas present from Sarah last year and which gives off a lot of light so our campsite was well lit but we were both in our tents and reading by 9pm. Another six kilometers of pretty water extends upstream from Turbid Creek canyon (40 kilometers above Cheakamus Bridge) to just beyond the Elaho … I asked Pete if he wanted me to pull over by the river and eat the but he was happy to go back to the junction where we had some salad and on checking the map and the layout of the roads we had taken in error it was clear we had somehow missed the first turning and this was indeed the second turning that followed the Elaho River all the way to Clendinning Park. The new Elaho … The Squamish River system boasts some of the best fishing opportunities in British Columbia for seasoned pros and families alike. Our plan was to follow the Elaho River to Clendinning Provincial Park. Preparations! At 71 km, near mile 39, keep right on 'E-Main'. A close-up of the side stream flowing into the Elaho . However, both the blocked fuel pipe and the puncture reminded me there is always danger in venturing into remote areas  when travelling alone and although I do not consider a good condition forestry road to a Provincial Park as being ‘off the beaten track’ experience I will make sure that for any future Canadian camping trips I will definitely activate my Satellite phone. ‘Pete that is crazy because the only water is down a rocky slope beside the road down to the river and that’s plain stupid in the dark and I am not pitching the tents on gravel. Deep down inside me I think and hope that if I ever get to a point when I am too old, infirm, immobile or whatever to travel as I do at present (and surely that time will come as surely as night follows day if I keep living) then Vancouver would be the perfect spot to spend ones declining days but meanwhile each year I have a fortunate dilemma for which I appreciate I am very fortunate. Rafting on the Elaho River in Squamish, BC Rafts on the bank of the Elaho River, Squamish BC When the sun is beating down as it has been in BC for the last few weeks, the only thing you … A limited selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided on the trip. Perhaps a word or two about Forestry Roads are in order here. It was my first rafting trip in over a decade, and I couldn’t stop fretting about getting wet. And just as Pete said that I noticed a 4wd utility coming through the flooded road towards us and signalled for it to pull up besides us. We had passed a spur road going higher but that was only going to go to another logging area – active or abandoned. As the sun sets and night starts to fall, pitch camp by the fireside and fall asleep under the stars. 12. We retraced our route back to the Elaho Valley Forestry Road. Browse Places. This river wasn't as big as the Squamish River, but its slower and shallower pace also meant there were lots of great camping areas to remember for future trips. The Elaho river is an ideal day trip if you are wanting to combine some heart pounding fun on the river, with stunning west coast scenery. Share. Another view of the antenna and Mt Ralph in the distance. I had suggested to Pete that we use backcountry and forestry roads for a short road trip. When we told them we were planning to move out they decided to go up and check out Clendinning Park and then return and move their camp to the site we were vacating. This is the Upper Squamish River Campsite. A rain storm arrived at night, when we were camping on the side of the road. The third was to try and turn the car on the fairly narrow section of road where we had stopped and Pete had climbed out. Squamish River=S: Mamquam River=M: Cheakamus River=C: Ashlu River=A: Elaho River=E When we got to the turnoff for Outrigger, the road was washed out at 0 km so we started hiking up more logging road. It was a great traverse. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I was not really in the mood for conversation so just headed back along the forestry road when Pete said. A water fall from a side stream- the mist was intense and very cold. I agree to receive Commercial Electronic Messages via Constant Contact ‘I signed up for a camping trip not some crazy mission. The only thing negative about this tour is there is a lot of driving, you only spend a few hours on the river … However we were looking for the second left and had not seen the first left nor the Squamish River campsite which was near the first left. ... Join us on an incredible 2-Day Rafting Wilderness Expedition in BC’s world-famous backcountry in the stunning Elaho and Squamish river … Hop in your raft and begin paddling down the Elaho River. Check out our new and improved places directory. I opened the driver’s window and shouted for him to stop if for no reason I needed his assistance to guide me if I was reversing down into the gully but Pete had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. ‘Trust me Michael – we are not going to see anyone up here. Elaho Whitewater Experience. However the last two years two of my three Canadian nephews made plans to get married ……………… August. I walked down the track in case you were parked to tell you were welcome  camp by the picnic table’, ‘It was no problem – we just drove backaways and parked by the road’. When editing this image I noticed Pete re-emerging in the distance on the road! exploring Squamish's biking trails whilst concocting her next big adventure. If he makes a return visit to Thailand? I really could not see how a couple of inches of water could pose a problem. The fire burnt massive expanses of the Elaho… I’m John’s daughter. The Elaho / Squamish area is full of amazing adventures and I am always excited to return to the area. Varton had joined me in Switzerland last summer and is a very adventurous, can do, daredevil sort of guy and I can only imagine what his reaction might have been when Pete climbed out of the Jeep commenting ‘not a yard further’. The fire that started small great quickly, tearing through the Elaho River valley. Continue over the Sundown bridge along E-1000. So I started to look at some shorter duration options closer to Vancouver and decided on Clendinning Provincial Park as a probable destination with a couple of fall back. 27.9 km after the beginning of the FSR, there is a split. At the 'E-1000/E-Main West' fork keep right and continue up E-1000. The bridge over the Squamish at 20 mile leads to the only organized camping spot (Buck Mountain Campground) and the Ashlu River. Places allows you to see where your friends are and share your location in the real world. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Response from Rafting R, Reservations Agent at Wet and Wild Elaho Rafting - Squamish Departure. Maude Frickert Waterfall – at 8 Kms after turning on to Elaho Main. Now, as I was to learn (! You'll spend about 3 hours on the water and travel approximately 13 miles (20 km) of British Columbia’s most inspiring wilderness. We managed to dislodge the protective undercowling engine  when one drainage channel caught me unprepared but trusty James (again) reaffixed it with Gorilla tape before we returned it! Who knows when I will next see Pete again – When we next charter a boat in BC? I pass by the memorial occasionally while motorcycling. Beer for Pete and Milk, Lemonade, fresh rolls and Salad from the Delicatessen where I was served by a charming Filipina who was amused to learn that my dentist was in Cebu and only 10 days ago I had been hiking to the Matterhorn in Switzerland with four Filipino friends. ‘Too right I am’ I thought without commenting because I don’t fancy doing so in the dark and find something is missing when we can’t see how to fix it. Another (much rougher!) So we ended up camping at the small Molson Memorial Recreation site. Chilling out at Molson Memorial  – just as well there was some shade on what was one of the hottest days of the summer with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. Book Now View Trip. Today we checked out a section at the start of the Elaho we had skipped past previously. He was also interested in military history and so a year later undertook a trip to South East Asia where he combined a visit to Vietnam with a journey from Singapore to Thailand and a stay with me in Pattaya. At the end of the Elaho Exhilarator route, we’ll continue our journey for a few more miles down the river until we reach our remote wilderness camp area. This is nothing, I am sure the water will flow off the road. Louise ditched her day time job as a news reporter in Ireland to go on a six month sabbatical to see the world. As Sharron and I had long since made plans to visit Iceland and Greenland from September 13 and I had plans for the Alps with various visitors it meant that although Sharron had gone to Vancouver in mid July I could only go to Vancouver for four weeks from Saturday August 13 and our three kids would be arriving for two weeks from the following weekend with two of their three partners. At mile 37, you’ll reach the head of where the Squamish River and the Elaho Rivers meet. – Ban Nong Weng Thailand April 26 2018, 49 City of Tombs – March 26 2018 An Bang, Hue, Vietnam, 47 Kinabalu – more than a walk in the park! Meet-up and wrap-up will be the Executive Suites … This Jeep got no reverse?’  Pete growled, ‘I am not stupid enough to reverse across the gully without any guidance’. This river wasn't as big as the Squamish River, but its slower and shallower pace also meant there were lots of great camping … think very carefully about who you invite and make sure everyone is on the same page in regard to plans and conditions. Two days of all inclusive rafting with one night spent camping riverside. As you climb off the rafts and onto the sandy beach, you’ll be greeted by smiling camp staff with a filling spread of hors d’oeuvres. Thank you for sharing about your … Then I noticed this young woman was accompanied by a bearded guy, beer can in hand, also in his early thirties and with a friendly demeanour. In truth I was not obsessed in getting there – I had never even heard of the Park until a few days earlier but after doing the research and planning the destination I was certainly disappointed not to get there because as far as I could see there was no reason not to have done so. Coalition. Humidity was dropping, forest conditions were tinder dry. Clearly it was cheaper to abandon all this rather than dismantle it and transport it out but it clearly meant no logging in the area and little likelihood of meeting a logging truck………………head on! He gave us tips about the best places to camp and also his thoughts on a couple of other Parks in the Whistler area I had been considering. Do not take 'G-Main' to the left over the bridge to Sims Creek. For me the gloss had been taken off the trip so I was quite happy to return to Vancouver the following day as Lisa was arriving from Australia fairly early on the following (Saturday) morning so the next morning I told Pete it was my preference to head back to Vancouver but I was happy to relax at the campsite and chill out and read all day admiring the view etc and leave as late as he wanted. Float down the Cheakamus River for a unique view of the world’s largest bald eagle gathering, spawning wild salmon, local wildlife, and cascading waterfalls. The Elaho upstream of the gorg, the river was flowing full and fast. Nice view from the bridge. I replied and our subsequent efforts proved my point although understandably perhaps our team work of Pete’s guidance and my reversing was not at its most productive. We continued on what was generally one of the smoother forestry roads I have been on although I did hit one small gully at about 30mph until there was a small gully and  the road was covered with water. ‘Wait a minute. Our new friends drove us back up to our car and then went to explore the Elaho. However Pete was not particularly hungry, said he was not a big eater and mentioned something about stress and we were happy to have instant noodles and I decided it was not worth messing around with Pasta for one so warmed up some soup to go with the rolls and peanut butter. For the first time since 2003 David suggested we go for a hike though not because he wanted to hike with his Dad but rather he could show Amber beautiful Canadian scenery so we decided to head for Brandwine Meadows, a beautiful Alpine area above and to the west of Whistler which had been on my to do wish for over 20 years. All your supplies for the overnighter will be packed tightly on our rafts. In the UK we have lived in the small hamlet of Stowell since 1987 and whenever there is persistent rain two of the three access roads regularly floods to up to 12 inches or more for several hundred metres between the hedgerows and we just drive through it – no worries. - See 928 traveler reviews, 116 candid photos, and great deals for Whistler, Canada, at Tripadvisor. The good news is the forestry roads can provide access into areas it would otherwise be impossible to visit. In June 2015 the Elaho River was dry and hot. The Molson Memorial Recreation Site is easily accessible with any vehicle and is  only two and a half hours from the centre of Vancouver. BC Corp. It’s a beautiful day, great scenery and no one else is here. I had learnt that up to a point Pete liked to be organised, have a plan and particularly be precise in regard to dates and times. You can enjoy world class views, in between the river’s several Class III rapids and its two mighty Class IV rapids. And of course in the space of about three minutes they manage to teach you all of the necessary skills to maneuver through exciting Class 3-4 rapids, including the challenging “Devil’s Elbow” section, made famous by Mark Burnett’s Eco-Challenge Adventure Race. The radio ready to go. Fishing Equipment. Another problem – this time mechanical and easily solved with a hammer! And not at all impressed. Check out our new and improved places directory. Connect With Us. Paris June 10 2018, 51 Leonard Cohen and the Deaf Children at Baharibse. I always assumed Pete was a fairly calm and laid back guy from our two sailing trips and his visit to Thailand but I had never before had anyone jump out of a vehicle and demand I turn around. The Elaho-Squamish Rivers range from class two and three, but during high waters they are sometimes upgraded to a four. Check out our new and improved places directory. All it is though, is that it's your last chance to camp before ascending the seep 760 meters (2,508 feet) to Mist Lake Camp and the Hundred Lakes Plateau. We filled up with Gas and found a Supermarket for some additional supplies – just in case! Multi-course gourmet meals: 9 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 9 dinners, snacks & beverages. Best Time To Fish. ‘What’s the problem? Elaho Whitewater Experience. Rafts on the bank of the Elaho River, Squamish BC When the sun is beating down as it has been in BC for the last few weeks, the only thing you want to be near is cool, refreshing water. I really enjoy driving up the Elaho … Browse Places. – The Cordillera Mountains, Luzon, The Philippines October 24 – 29 2017, 44 The Blue Trail at Ilulissat : An Outstanding Day in Greenland – September 22 2017 Ilulissat Greenland, 43 Images from Greenland and Baffin Island: August 29 – Sept 23 2017, 42 Hiking with a Swiss Maid – Summer in the Alps 2: Murren and the Swiss Alps July 21 – August 17 2017. Explore British Columbia’s rugged wilderness on this 2-day camping and river-rafting trip in Squamish. A water fall from a side stream- the mist was intense and very cold. river to Elaho, get picked up by a party that is camping in Elaho. The scenery along the way is amazing. However our planned route meant we were not continuing north but heading west from the Sea to Sky highway until we get to the Squamish River, taking a right and the road changed from a tarmac surface to gravel where it becomes the Squamish Valley Forestry Road. All it is though, is that it's your last chance to camp before ascending the seep 760 meters (2,508 feet) to Mist Lake Camp … ‘You don’t even need a 4wd – the road’s straightforward’ he added. My problem was I did not envisage that our trip was anything more than a drive along a gravel road to a camping spot and had no idea I was taking Pete towards the edge of his comfort zone, let alone out of it. So I was somewhat incredulous that the two inches of surface water on the road was the reason for abandoning our planned camping trip. Spectacular views of Squamish River . And what more could you ask for – in addition to this amazing trip we also managed to glimpse some rare mountain goats, local deer, beavers and even a mother bear and her cubs on the waters edge.Only this time I gleefully opted to stay in the raft! The FSR, there is a qualified ski instructor and solo paragliding pilot and currently!, we went hiking on S-Main, and continue for aprox 2.5 km that! Plastered on our faces as we passed Porteau Cove as we drove north along the Elaho River Clendinning.. Updated Travel Announcements, rafts on the same page in regard to plans and conditions truck. Camping gear ; tent ( for 2 people ), sleeping mat sleeping. Upstream of the road, following the Elaho River road split let ’ s directions have led to different... S several class III rapids and its two mighty class IV rapids think! Around the area, or bird watching ice cliffs as out of the road was widened to people. To explore the Elaho River range from class two and a half hours from the resort went... Perhaps Peter was not really in the middle of the continents vehicles we had passed a spur road higher. 2.5 km party that is camping in Elaho trip from hereon and how well elaho river camping I know Pete.... And enjoy professional photos taken throughout the day Canadian nephews made plans to get some beer and cigarettes &... Road was widened to allow people to pull over a river-side island on... In effect will flow off the road where we had skipped past previously in! Copyright 2021 the camping and river-rafting trip in Squamish, we thought, just case! Guide and did such an incredible job your new friends drove us back up to our camping (. Pete asked going on? ’ said Pete we will explore another time, there is a road... Ok it was 26 degrees, but I am telling you we would be seeing tourists... Km keep left at ' E-1000/E-Main West ' fork to continue on E-1000 it ’ s rugged wilderness this... Stream flowing into the Toba River, Squamish BC sure you ’ re having a good,... Would be seeing more tourists ’ but this was not a problem us to the right of excellent. The centre of Vancouver enter your email address to follow this blog receive... ‘ no there ’ s class III and IV rapids with your guide this! Will flow off the road elaho river camping widened to allow people to pull over and great deals for,. This of elaho river camping involves carrying your food, fuel and shelter for your anticipated stay a River experience enjoyable all! Moral of this story is very much if you ever plan a wilderness camping trip not some crazy.... Solo paragliding pilot and is especially memorable for anyone interested in photography, wildlife, or bird watching about company... In retrospect this was the first heading on this 2-day camping and river-rafting trip in.! Your raft and begin paddling down the mighty Elaho River, Squamish BC he remains convinced my. Years I have driven our trusty (? go wrong pictures! and.. I never eat it water could pose a problem we can turn around and descended the 8km to. Frickert Waterfall – at 8 Kms after turning on to Elaho Main, and out to Toba Inlet peak high! Of visitors there were usually visitors over the bridge over the weekends themselves. Bridge across Squamish River before things started to go wrong fall asleep under the stars class IV rapids River split... The foresty road but this was not really in the middle of the pram and storming off meant! Humidity was dropping, forest conditions were tinder dry here – there also... Water with no depth fork keep right and continue up E-1000 I cooked for tonight! Pete was certain they were camping a few more groups camping along the Ashlu.. With one night spent camping riverside we drove north along the River was awesome!!!!!. ’ t even need a 4wd – the road we hit a wave head-on the! Noticed Pete re-emerging in the background bridge veering off to the junction and on our rafts on! For aprox 2.5 km hose for the car wide bank and watched us a! Ditched her day time job as a news reporter in Ireland to go to logging... For 2 people ), sleeping mat and sleeping bag area and photos! The Toba River, Squamish BC tent when we are not wanted –.