At the end of each commercial, she would direct viewers to “Call me now!” for a free reading, with the 1–800 number helpfully onscreen. What's dat u sey der lil child, come on now ta get yor reedin'! You can check out her schtick on Jezebel’s “The Best of Miss Cleo” montage. Miss Cleo's real-life name was Youree Dell Harris, and she hailed from Los Angeles, California—not the Caribbean, where her alter ego was publicly promoted to … She was just 53 years old. The name Miss Cleo has become synonymous with phony psychics ever since Youree Harris gained nationwide fame using a faux Jamaican accent for infomercials in the late 90s. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Now, her past as a fraudu… Search, discover and share your favorite Miss Cleo GIFs. Miss Cleo Commercial (1998) Commercial for the defunct phone service Miss Cleo's Mind & Spirit, circa 1998. Aside from the dated production, Cleo's accent keeps switching up from her usual accent to a different one at random points. Advert Edit. Miss Cleo… We're told she was recently hospitalized, but … Ahhh! According to TMZ, Miss Cleo, whose real name is Youree Harris, died Tuesday morning from cancer. miss cleo 8179 GIFs. So in honor of Harris, here are videos of Miss Cleo… Though Miss Cleo billed herself as a Jamaican, she was actually born in Los Angeles by the name of Youree Dell Harris on August 12, 1962. Why It's Cursed Edit. While she was their spokeswoman, PRN raked in about $1 billion. Miss Cleo became a household name. 2012-08-22T01:48:36.000Z. Our new employer was the Psychic Readers Network, a hotline known for its ads starring Miss Cleo, a motormouthed shaman with a lavishly fake … Let miss cleo tell you all de tings and light up de way fer ya! Miss Cleo Commercial (1998) Ooh, me accent's slippin'! I can see everyting in da future baby, except for that part where the FTC came down on my company like a ton of bricks, and my colon cancer that killed me. Harris taped a commercial in character as Cleo—the hotline added the “Miss”—for $1750 and then agreed to monitor a phone line for a set wage. Miss Cleo makes her rounds providing entertainment and help to a caller via Tarot readings. A rep for Miss Cleo -- whose real name was Youree Harris -- tells us she died Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, FL. Harris worked for the Psychic Readers Network since 1997 and her show ran on the air until 2003.