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Your 2018 Contract With Mr God & Co.

Time is the most costly thing in the world and via this contract you are getting 5,25,600 minutes absolutely free

These are the terms and conditions under which the Year 2018 is handed over to you.

The year containing 12 months or 365 days or 8,760 hours is hereby handed over to the recipient of this contract with the following articles and sub clauses.

l This year is given to you absolutely free of cost. There is no payment to be made for any minute or any hour. The only exceptions to this rule are those who are on life support equipment or life-saving medication. They would make whatever payment has been prescribed by temporal authorities. The rest of  you will be issued one free day every 24 hours.

l Each second and each minute that passes is non-negotiable and cannot be withdrawn or relived. You will begin each day with 86,400 seconds in your time bank and are free to enjoy or plan each one as you wish. However whether you are a millionaire or a king, whether you use Visa of PayTm you will not be allowed to repurchase even a nano second.

l Each of these seconds are non-transferrable. They are yours and yours  only you cannot borrow, purchase, exchange or make any deal for a whole/part/sub part of anyone else’s year.

l Each of these hours, minutes and seconds come with total freedom of thought and action. Barring those who may be in jails or handcuffs, the rest of you are completely free to use each moment as you wish. You may shout, you may scream, you may sing, you may drink, you may eat. You may dream of sunshine or imagine rainbows. Caution: You may keep in mind the effects of any applied action. The Higher Contractual Authority is not liable for example for what happens when you start singing during a conference meeting.

l There are some thoughts and actions which will last longer than the others. If you choose to stop your frenzied activity one evening and look at a beautiful sunset for half an hour, inhaling its beauty and marveling at the last rays  this very same thought may linger through many moments of your year. However if you spend that same half hour texting stupid forwards or worrying about some unlikely future, then there will be no refunds for that time.

l You would have approximately 68,000 thoughts per day. Each of these thoughts are yours and yours alone. Once a thought is thought it cannot be unthought. Once a thought is said, it cannot be unsaid. Unlike WhatsApp, God does not allow you to delete a spoken thought even a second after uttering it!

l The one thing that you will realise at the end of the year is that you can get back virtually anything. You can get a second chance at exams. You can make up for not getting a promotion by hard work and a double promotion. You can get back money you have lost. You can get back even your reputation, by doing good deeds. But the one thing you can’t get back is time. Once this day passes, it will never come back.

Time is the most costly thing in the world and via this contract you are getting 5,25,600 minutes absolutely free.

Happy New Year!

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