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Who Put The ‘I’ In Impossible?

You have to clearly imagine the impossible. Because if you can’t picture it, then how will you make it happen?

Let’s start with a disclaimer.

This is not Edmund Hillary writing about his plans on how to set about the impossible task of climbing Mount Everest. Nor is it the glorious  knight Don Quixote singing ‘The Impossible Dream’ and chasing windmills. Or Hollywood actor Tom Cruise starring in Mission Impossible (how I love that guy — he is my favourite star in the world — when I grow up, I want to be like him!)

No. This is an average — actually below average fellow like me giving my view. So, I suppose you could say that this is about a normal, slightly confused, often scared, sometimes weak-kneed but always honest human being offering views on the impossible.

Why? Because I am in the middle of a quest. Five years ago, I was an ageing, slightly lazy, copywriter writing events and ad campaigns, drinking beer, smoking eight cigarettes a day and more or less ready for retirement.

Now, I am an entrepreneur in the middle of a crazy startup journey trying to build a $100 million company. Every move has to be bolder, every step seems scarier.

Most of my friends have the luxury of going on two-week foreign holidays, attending reunions, playing golf, arguing about politics and are probably drinking two pegs of single malt every evening.

I have given up smoking, given up drinking, even given up aerated beverages, haven’t taken a holiday for more than three days for the last five years. I don’t go to parties unless I have to, work through the day and an hour at night (best time to think), even putting in three hours on weekends, and have a trainer who puts me through the paces thrice a week.

I just work, work out, walk and pray every day. That is the kind of thing you have to do to make the impossible possible.

(People ask me why I do it? For money? For fame? For power? I tell them I do it because it is something worth doing and could make a difference in the world.)

Now to get to the point.

What are the ways to make impossible happen?

First of all, you have to clearly imagine the impossible. Because if you can’t picture it, then how will you make it happen? Like a picture — you can’t paint it without it existing in your mind’s eye.

Second, you have to keep in mind that the impossible never happens. You have to make it happen inch by inch step by step. You may go two steps forward and one step back or one step forward and two steps back. But keep going.

Third, take some time or even a minute to appreciate all that happens or what you accomplish. Otherwise you are like a swimmer never coming up for air!

Next, don’t go rushing into the future. Wait and be ready and walk into it with a plan — take it one day at a time.

Finally remember that if life is a tunnel and there is a flame you can see at the end  of the tunnel, then keep walking and keep believing.

Because it is your will that is keeping the flame burning!

You are the ‘I’ in Impossible.

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