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Three Years Of Modi Govt: Modi Poems

BW Businessworld columnist compiled a list of poems on three years of Modi government

One day PM Modi came up with a plan
The black money guys needed to be damned
As a result of this surprising caper
The big notes became as useless as paper
Opinion is divided whether it worked or not
Though the common man he suffered a lot
So have we got rid of the black money mood
Or just given birth to some pink money dudes

Slogans Shlogans

Start Up Rise Up Go Up Show Up
The PM really wants India to go up
Make in India Shape in India Wait in India
Digital India Fidgetal India Global India
There’s a new slogan every day
A brand new plan on the way
But who knows they may work
They may put us on track
After all it was a slogan – Quit India
That got us our nation back!

Just 12 Thank You!
Long presentations or short
There are advocates for both sides
Some keep it quick and neat
Others take you for a long ride
Some seem to move so fast
Before you know it they’re past
Some go into things long and deep
Often putting people to sleep
But the word is Modi has a law
That everyone abides
The rule is simple
Maximum – 12 slides!

Fashion Modi
Whatever PM Modi does he does with style
He out dresses most politicians by a mile
His clothes with a special class they speak
He could easily walk the ramp in Fashion week
But he dresses not in Tom Ford Hugo Boss
Rohit Bal or you know who
The name of the shop that dresses him
Is guess what –JB – Jade Blue!

What do you want to be?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Maybe a footballer – to win the world cup
Maybe a cop so you could catch bad boys
Or a chef who knew how to make sui moy
Then again maybe you wanted to be a dancer
Or like ShahRukh Khan – a screen romancer
Have any idea what little Narender wanted to be?
No, he wasn’t anything like you or me
Nor did he want to be a PM you see .
He ran away from home into the Himalayas
By his own admission
Because he wanted to be a monk
In the Ramakrishna Mission!

Flying High
Flying here flying there
Flying mostly every where
Look up high into the sky
It’s Mr Modi my oh my
As he lands his smile glows
Making friends wherever he goes
Never has a PM gone so far
In the clouds a shooting star
He has visited 45 nations already
Goodness he must be feeling heady
Since he’s flown 8 times
The distance around the earth
Can you imagine what his
Frequent flyer miles must be worth?
They’ll probably get him
To the moon and back
Then he’ll rest for a while
And again begin to pack!


Burning bright
In the darkness
Of the night
When you to Modi
A visa denied
Did you imagine
How you’d get fried
He came right back
Like a rock star
With people cheering
From near and far
You were the eagle
Who became a humble crow
Then you got Trumped
Hey man – way to go!

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