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The Living Truths

If you are an atheist you feel it came from a combination of interlocking brain cells. If you believe in a greater power then it was given to you by that

I am going to turn 55 in a few days.

I stand here in front of a full-length mirror with nothing but my reflections on and see the image staring back at me. I see a slightly plumpish elderly man with an interesting intelligent face and hair where a desperate battle is on by the white to conquer the black.

Who is this man and who knows the truth about him? The full truth.

Probably nobody. His acquaintances know a little bit but that little bit may be the tip of the iceberg. His friends they know a little more, in fact some of them hold his secrets shared over that fifth peg of Old Monk Rum. His wife, oh yes she knows a lot, in some aspects probably more than he does.

But he, how much does he know, how much does he let his soul admit to? How much is hidden in the eclipse of the heart?

They say that we all have a self-residual image. That man staring back at me is not really me. In my mind, I am still in my early 40s with black hair and oh yeah a much flatter stomach.

But I am more or less mostly at peace. Because of The Truths. This is how they unfolded:

The Innocent Truth

This truth you are born with. If you are an atheist you feel it came from a combination of interlocking brain cells. If you believe in a greater power then it was given to you by that.

It is simple, sweet, uncluttered and full of wonder. But it has no cunning guile or survival skills. If you walked around only with this truth a car would run you over as you crossed the road.

The Gentle Truth

These come next. With care and with love people around you nurture you and you begin to understand the truth of how the world around you operates. It doesn’t have any warning system though and people can feed you all sorts of stuff which goes into your brain without any security checks.

The Telling Truths

As you grow older you begin to realize that it ain’t that simple and the world revolves around the sun and not you. Plus you aren’t good at Maths so you can’t be a space pilot, and there are guys who are clever and smarter with a much better chance of getting Shanaya, who you had selected as your wife in Class 3!

The Brutal Truths

These really hurt. They start hitting you on your 30th birthday and just keep coming. Your parents did get divorced. You aren’t going to be a millionaire. You aren’t going to get that corner office. Worst of all you aren’t special. In fact, if you don’t get your act together you won’t even be average. You’ll be 4.5 on 10. But then…

The Living Truths

These free your mind body and soul. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how successful you are or how old you are. Once you start realizing this something amazing starts happening. They make you happy with who you are. They give you insights on kindness, bravery, destiny, divinity, empathy, faith, peace, and joy… and more.

The Living Truths are starting to free me.

Guess I better put some clothes on now.

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